Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toll Highways and Bridges

The lower mainland of BRITISH COLUMBIA thought we had seen the last of Toll Bridges when they took off the toll on the Lion's Gate Bridge many many years ago.

The highways were free- as they should be- until the new Highway 5 from the lower mainland to the interior was put in.Yes-- it was a great time saver and thusly, the $10.00 each way for passenger vehicles and $20.00 for larger was accepted- well- sort of.

Anyways, the toll booth on highway #5 finally came down as they said the highwaywas now paid for- Great!! No more tolls!!

WRONG!! The new Port Mann bridge (part of the great highway 1 parking lot) that connects the north and south sides of the fraser river will be a toll. ie: You have to pay to get into Vancouver or other areas on the north side ofthe fraser if using highway 1.

Here is my question to you:
If you were in this scenario- or maybe you already are in your area- what do you pay for tolls- daily, monthly etc.
How do you pay for your tolls?- transponder in your vehicle?
How do they collect if you do not have a transponder? Camera shot of your license plate?

If you are subject to the later (camera shot), have you ever considerd using a camera deflector or such device?

We are asking this as we are contemplating stocking such devices but first felt we should check the market. Let us know.. add your comments to our blog

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