Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming Soon- Oscor Blue

The NEW OSCOR Blue TSCM Spectrum Analyzer sweeps 24GHz in 1 second quickly detecting transmitting electronic surveillance devices.

REI's unique integrated auto switching antenna system requires no extra antennas or cables.
At 8lbs/3.6kg, OSCOR Blue is wonderfully portable and convenient to operate.
The 8.4in/21.3 cm high resolution touch screen display puts "drag" and "move" controls at your finger tips.

This unit is scheculed to be released withing the next two months.
It will be available in 8Ghz and 24Ghz formats.

The estimated prcie is proposed to be : 8Ghx- $26,000 USD and the 24Ghz will be in the $34,000 range- but that is still be determined by the manufacturer and our final cost.

You can read more details on the OSCOR BLUE TSCM Spectrum Analyzer at

Improvements on OSCOR-5000

There have been many major improvements over the original Oscor- 5000.
When protecting sensitive information is critical to your success, the OSCORprovides the most automatic, reliable and cost effective capability on the market.
OSCOR is a complete eavesdropping detection package that is portable and programmable.OSCOR is a microprocessor controlled counter-surveillance system with a custom designedbuilt-in spectrum analyzer that can operate automatically storing all encountered signalsin memory for later review.
Designed to detect all major types of audio and video RF transmitters, including carriercurrent and infrared. OSCOR is the only product that protects your environment 24 hoursa day.
To view full details on this high end counter-measures device, go to

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Toll Highways and Bridges

The lower mainland of BRITISH COLUMBIA thought we had seen the last of Toll Bridges when they took off the toll on the Lion's Gate Bridge many many years ago.

The highways were free- as they should be- until the new Highway 5 from the lower mainland to the interior was put in.Yes-- it was a great time saver and thusly, the $10.00 each way for passenger vehicles and $20.00 for larger was accepted- well- sort of.

Anyways, the toll booth on highway #5 finally came down as they said the highwaywas now paid for- Great!! No more tolls!!

WRONG!! The new Port Mann bridge (part of the great highway 1 parking lot) that connects the north and south sides of the fraser river will be a toll. ie: You have to pay to get into Vancouver or other areas on the north side ofthe fraser if using highway 1.

Here is my question to you:
If you were in this scenario- or maybe you already are in your area- what do you pay for tolls- daily, monthly etc.
How do you pay for your tolls?- transponder in your vehicle?
How do they collect if you do not have a transponder? Camera shot of your license plate?

If you are subject to the later (camera shot), have you ever considerd using a camera deflector or such device?

We are asking this as we are contemplating stocking such devices but first felt we should check the market. Let us know.. add your comments to our blog

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bike riders in BC-

It is about time that the green transportaion vehicles (bicycles) were looked at by the same laws that govern the rest us on the road.
Well, I don't know about your area, but, here in BC (especially in the lower mainland- vancouver area), those of us that drive motorized transport (cars, trucks etc) can soon feel a bit better that there is a level playing field between all modes of transportaion on our streets.

During the month of June, 2009- our law enforcement agencies will be handing out warnings to the pedal types but as of July, non-compliance will cost them just like it does to the motorized types.

A recent local TV expose' was conducted and it was a good eye opener pertaining to the infractions that occur by bike riders.
-No approved head gear (it is law in BC)
- running stop signs so they do not loose momentum on their travels (image what it would
be like we cars all did that)
- riding through cross walks, cutting across lanes on a travelled road-
- to name but a few!!

Hopefully, this new CRACK down will lessen the number of bike riders that get hurt, cause motor vehicle accidents, hit pedestrians or worse- Get killed!!

I think (and just my thoughts from what I have observed) the group that will be hardest hit by this change will be the Bike Couriers in the downtown core of Vancouver. It should be interesting to see how they adjust.

Your thoughts?

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New Traffic Law In British Columbia

I am amazed at the lack of publicity or media coverage in the province pertaining to this one. As of June 1, 2009, a new law will be on the books.
It is a good law (IMHO) but has not been covered by the media at all. I just found out by chance during a conversation last night.
The law is pertaining to Emergency Vehicles and how the general motorists SHALL conduct their speeds and driving.
In an abrreviated form: If you are in a spped zone of 80kmh or higher and come upon an emergency vehicle (fires ambulance police), you must reduce your speed to 70kmh and if safe to do so, change to the alternate lane furthest away from the Emergency vehicle. If you are in a speed zone of less than 80kmh, you shall reduce to 40kmh and again, change lanes as mentioned above. This all makes perfect sense and is a saftey issue for the ambulance, fire or police members carrying out their duties. The kicker is- and this is why I am surprised at the lack of coverage- the fine for non-compliance is $143.00 (or was that $148.00 - either way "OUCH") plus 3 penalty points on your driver's licence. I guess the fine was not high enough to get the media's attention

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